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Hanger VR is a grappling hook exploration game set in a synthwave/chillwave world of Neon structures. Hone your skills with the grappling gun and improve your speedrunning times by altering your velocity as you soar through space.

This game is currently a demo (and it's free). Anyone who downloads the early version or joins the Discord server will also get access to the final, polished game, which will be available on Steam this winter.

Significantly more content (including turrets, bosses, and gigantic music-inspired levels) will be added in the future. 

The game works with all headsets: Index, Vive, Oculus, and Windows Mixed Reality!

Newest update (Infinite Mode, where you are chased by a malevolent void and must get as far as possible before the abyss consumes you):

Join the Discord server to send me feedback,  post speedrun times, or suggest ideas! https://discord.gg/4JB9hSZ


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So far the game has quite the fun premise, I've always enjoyed grappling games, It takes a little getting used to unless you come from a game like Jet island, but its easy to play but hard to master. Of course the game is still in development and more features are being added, but from the last 3 times ive downloaded this, it has improved by leaps and bounds each time.

"the last 3 times i've downloaded this, it has improved by leaps and bounds each time."

i couldn't agree more! it's just getting better and better!


(If you don't want to read this whole thing just know it's an amazing game!)


1: it's a free game (duh)

2: the music is awesome!

3: the mechanics are pretty smooth.

4: it's an original idea. There is no copying.

5: it is being actively developed.


1: it has a learning curve that might be a little tough.

2: there is an optical illusion where you can't tell how far away the block is. (This is being fixed)

3: there are no settings yet but I'm guessing that's coming soon.

A little thing to keep in mind: the developer is an awesome dude! He even let me make some music for the game (as of 9/21/2020 at 7:34pm it is not implemented yet)